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Brief Biographies of Veterans of the Fifth

In addition to the complete regimental roster which we have made available for visitors to our site, we are pleased to offer a number of expanded biographies. These are made available due to the generosity of descendants of members of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry. If you have information about any of the other men who proudly served under the regiment's banners, we would be honored to host that information here.

States Providing Fifth Iowa Companies
Full Regimental Roster
Military Ranks in the Fifth Iowa Cavalry
Regimental Buglers & Musicians
Prisoners Held at Andersonville
"Regulators" at Andersonville
Clara Barton & Missing Members of the Fifth
Fifth Iowa Veterans in the Colorado GAR
Fifth Iowa Veterans Residing in Nebraska
Men Who Deserted from the Ranks of the Fifth
Regimental Staff
Regimental Commanders
Lieutenant Colonel Erastus McNeely
Battalion Major Harlon Baird
Battalion Major Jeremiah Wilcox
Chaplain Jerome Spillman
Chaplain Ziba Brown
Surgeon B. Taylor Wise
Assistant Surgeon George DeWitt
Assistant Surgeon J.M. Kerlin
Assistant Surgeon Theodore Lewis
Adjutant Frank Noble
Commissary Lieutenant John Towers
Quartermaster Thomas McNeely
Regimental Farrier William Snowden
Company A
Lieutenant Alonzo Taylor, Company A (diary excerpts)
Sergeant Charles Scofield, Company A
Sergeant William Scofield, Company A
Corporal Chauncey Stroud, Company A
Corporal William Birt, Company A
Private Williamson Richardson, Company A
Private Moses Scofield, Company A
Private Nelson Sprague, Company A
Private Solon Steere, Company A
Private John Walker, Company A
Company B
Captain James Wing, Company B
Lieutenant Milton Summers, Company B
Sergeant Charles Wheelock, Company B
Sergeant Benjamin Williams, Company B
Private Nicholas Becker, Company B
Private Samuel Brown, Company B
Private William Dougherty, Company B
Private William Dunton, Company B
Private Henry Edson, Company B
Private Aaron Graybill, Company B
Private George Haenall, Company B
Private Samuel Hopkins, Company B
Private George Husted, Company B
Private Robert Mann, Company B
Private Theodore Martin, Company B
Private John Stillwell, Company B
Company C
Lieutenant Charles Alley, Company C (diary excerpts)
Commissary Sergeant Samuel Campbell, Company C
Sergeant Thomas Bull, Company C
Corporal Daniel Knight, Company C
Corporal Hiram Brubaker, Company C
Wagoner Davis Hallock, Company C
Private John Caselman, Company C
Private David Corbin, Company C
Private Isaac Phipps, Company C
Private Washington Runyan, Company C
Company D
Captain William Curl, Company D
Captain Daniel Drummond, Company D
Lieutenant Joseph Rich, Company D
First Sergeant John Lemmon, Company D
Sergeant Charles Gray, Company D
Sergeant Logan Howell, Company D
Corporal Conrad Biesemeier, Company D
Corporal Christian Biesemeier, Company D
Private Dora Bell, Company D
Private James Farrall, Company D
Private Frederick Fellman, Company D
Private William Frost, Company D
Private Jesse LaRue, Company D
Private George McAllister, Company D
Private David McDougal, Company D
Private Eli Nelson, Company D
Private James Rheems, Company D
Private Obadiah Scott, Company D
Private Philip G. Sage, Deserter
Company E
Captain Charles Nott, Company E (short story)
Lieutenant Lot Carley, Company E (diary excerpts)
First Sergeant Josiah Conzett, Company E
Commissary Sergeant William Morgans, Company E
Sergeant Thomas Allen, Company E
Sergeant Eli Dickinson, Company E
Sergeant Charles Gilliam, Company E
Sergeant William Tebbets, Company E
Corporal August Hammel, Company E
Corporal George Healey, Company E
Corporal Anthony Hemmelder, Company E
Corporal Louis Sohl, Company E
Corporal George Thompson, Company E
Saddler David Conzett, Company E
Private John Corpstein, Company E
Private Anthony Beyer, Company E
Private Herman Elwanger, Company E
Private James Graham, Company E
Private John Hansen, Company E
Private Henry Herkes, Company E
Private Nicholas Hoffman, Company E
Private Ebenezer King, Company E
Private Thomas Martin, Company E
Private Nicholas Pettinger, Company E
Private Edward Pfotzer, Company E
Private John Schnering, Company E
Private Ezra Tebbets, Company E (diary excerpts)
Private James Woolnough, Company E
Company F
Lieutenant August Schlapp, Company F
Quartermaster Sergeant William Hoffman, Company F
Sergeant Henry Schlapp, Company F
Corporal Charles Rothe, Company F
Private John Davis, Company F
Private Antoine Koob, Company F
Private John Niblock/Niblack, Company F
Private Florian Seidell/Seidel, Company F
Private John/Joseph Seidell/Seidel, Company F
Private John Wilker, Company F
Company G
Major Henning Von Minden, Company G
Captain Albert Ellis, Company G (Consolidated)
Captain Jerry Limbocker, Company G (Consolidated)
Lieutenant Joseph Buck, Company G
Lieutenant Andrew Canfield, Company G (Consolidated)
Lieutenant William Peck, Company G (Consolidated)
Quartermaster Sergeant Finley Smock, Company G (Consolidated)
Commissary Sergeant Madison Bryan, Company G (Consolidated)
Commissary Sergeant Albert Phelps, Company G
Sergeant William Bunce, Company G (Consolidated)
Sergeant Andrew Henderson, Company G (Consolidated)
Corporal August Schnell, Company G
Bugler Oscar Bryan, Company G (Consolidated)
Saddler Henry Busse, Company G
Corporal Sherman Kirk, Company G (Consolidated)
Corporal Charles Sprague, Company G (Consolidated)
Corporal Hela Sprague, Company G (Consolidated)
Corporal Clark Stone, Company G (Consolidated)
Private Isaac Allison, Company G
Private Joseph Anson, Company G (Consolidated)
Private Charles Brooks, Company G (Consolidated)
Private William Henderson, Company G (Consolidated)
Private David McNeil, Company G (Consolidated)
Private George Phelps, Company G
Private Peter Putman, Company G (Consolidated)
Private John Schwirtz, Company G (Consolidated)
Private Heman Sprague, Company G (Consolidated)
Company H
Lieutenant William Hays, Company H
Lieutenant Benjamin White, Company H
Lieutenant Lawrence Millar, Company H
Quartermaster Sergeant Patrick McGuire, Company H
Quartermaster Sergeant James Young, Company H
Sergeant Webber Seavey, Company H
Corporal Joseph Schlecht, Company H
Private Michael Altfillisch, Company H
Private John Austin, Company H
Private Lawson Bettis, Company H
Private Thomas Chambers, Company H
Private Charles Davis, Company H
Private Nicholas George, Company H
Private James Hanna, Company H
Private John Harris, Company H
Private William Harrison, Company H
Private Alexander Jameson, Company H
Private Joseph Lias, Company H
Private John Schlecht, Company H
Private George Williams, Company H (poem)
Company I
Lieutenant Jacob Weaver, Company I (Consolidated)
Corporal Abraham Deeter, Company I (Consolidated)
Corporal Joseph Meskimen, Company I (Consolidated)
Private Timothy Barnum, Company I (Consolidated)
Blacksmith Peter Schmith, Company I
Private James Baldwin, Company I
Private James Coombs, Company I
Private Levi Drake, Company I
Private Griffith Lewis, Company I
Private Jacob Shaak, Company I
Company K
Captain Erwin Shelly, Company K
Sergeant Lyman Kidder, Company K
Sergeant George Northrup, Company K
Corporal John Jeffers, Company K
Private Francis Higley, Company K
Company L
Captain Peter Geraghty, Company L
Captain Patrick Naughton, Company L
Lieutenant Patrick Conley, Company L
Private Myron Billings, Company L
Private Samuel Chamberlain, Company L
Private Conrad Goepfert, Company L
Private Hyppolite Graaf, Company L
Private George Hein, Company L
Company M
Captain J.K. Kidd, Company M
Captain Frederick Meyer, Company M
Lieutenant Rowland Beatty, Company M
Corporal George Watson, Company M (Consolidated)
Private William Britt, Company M
Private Jacob Korman, Company M
Private John T. Miller, Company M
Private Amon Rook, Company M
Other Regimental Members
Unknown Soldiers - Can You Identify Someone?
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Mister William Watson, Former Slave
Sad Story of the Horses Who Carried the Troopers

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