Private David Corbin

Private David Corbin

Private David S. Corbin was a twenty-five year old Nebraska City resident when he enlisted in Company C of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry in September of 1861. He was one of the troopers who fell into enemy hands during the engagement at the Chattahoochee River in Georgia on July 31, 1864. Corbin was wounded during the battle.

After returning the regiment, Corbin reenlisted as a veteran in the Fifth Iowa Consolidated Cavalry. The Official Roster indicates that Corbin served to the conclusion of the war, mustering out at Nashville, Tennessee on August 11, 1865.

The headstone pictured above presents a give of a mystery. It is located at Marietta National Cemetery. Although it says "L.P. Corlin," the cemetery records indicate that it marks the grave of a private of Company E, Fifth Iowa. There are three other Fifth Iowa Cavalry graves at Marietta. However, for the headstone to be his, it would indicate an error in the spelling of the last name, the initials, and the company. Coincidentally, there was also a Corbin the Company I of the Fifth Iowa Infantry.

Alpheus A. Corbin was twenty-one when he enlisted in the infantry regiment in June of 1861. He mustered out when the regiment was consolidated with the Fifth Iowa Cavalry on July 31, 1864, at the expiration of his term of service.

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