Private Samuel C. Chamberlain

Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry

Samuel C. Chamberlain was one of the older recruits who enlisted in the Fifth Iowa Cavalry at the age of forty-two. Born in New York, he was a resident of Marshall County, Iowa when he signed up with Company L on March 8, 1864. Only four months later he was captured by the Confederates on July 31, during the engagement at Newnan, Georgia. He transferred with the veterans into the Consolidated regiment, and served until they were mustered out on August 11, 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee.

Sadly, Chamberlain did not survive the war long. By January 1867 he had presumably passed away, as his three children were residing at the Soldiers Orphans Home at Davenport Iowa. The children were Joseph, age ten, Elmyra, age eight and little Abagail, age six. We can only hope that these three young people, bereft of parents, grew up to lead happy and healthy lives.

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