Sergeant Henry Schlapp

Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry

Henry Schlapp and his elder brother were proud German immigrants who loved their adopted land. Together they enlisted as privates in Company F of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry on September 7, 1861. They shared something else, beyond their patriotism, in common. Both men were born leaders, and as the war progressed, together they rose through the ranks.

In March of 1863, Henry was promoted to Eighth Corporal, with promotions to Seventh Corporal and Fifth Corporal within the next year. On November 1, 1864, he was promoted to Fifth Sergeant of Company F. And he ended the war with a final promotion to Fourth Sergeant, culminating a fine military career. It must have provided him with much comfort that during the War Between the States, he fought for the duration with his brother Lieutenant August Schlapp at his side.

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