Sergeant Logan Howell

Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry

The Howells of Lincoln County, Missouri were one of those families in that troubled border state who decided to cast their lot with the preservation of the Union. And a patriotic family they were. Six sons of Samuel Howell enlisted, and two did not survive the war. Warren and James perished. Logan's brothers Abraham, Allen and Moses survived, having served in Missouri militia and regimental units. Logan was one of the Missouri troopers who found themselves a part of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry, which had combined companies from several states.

Logan's leadership skills were well recognized within the regiment. Enlisting originally as a Sixth Corporal, he received the following promotions:

Promoted Fifth Corporal, Mar. 18, 1862
Fourth Corporal, June 8, 1862
Third Corporal, June 16, 1862
Second Corporal, June 23, 1862
First Corporal, Dec. 1, 1862
Fourth Sergeant, Dec. 1, 1862
Second Sergeant, Jan. 1, 1863
After reenlisting as a veteran in January of 1863, Logan had the misfortune of being captured in an engagement near the Chattahoochee River in Georgia on July 31 of the same year.

Logan survived the war to return home to Lincoln County where he married Emily (Dobbins) on October 4, 1865. They had five children. A farmer before the war, Logan finished his years as a "merchant and tobacco dealer." After a full life, he died in 1927 and was buried in the family cemetery.

This information was provided by Tom Howell and Kirby Ross, relatives of this proud veteran of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry.

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