Unknown Soldiers

of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry

The photographs below were in the album of veteran trooper Louis Sohl. Since several identified images were all of members of Company E in which Sohl served, it is likely that the other men (aside from the generals, of course) were likewise members of Company E.

The top three images were taken by Dubuque, Iowa photographers, perhaps while the regiment was on its veterans furlough.

The other images were taken in Nashville, Tennessee, where many of the soldiers presumably purchased photographs of their commanding generals while they were having their own portraits done.

If you can identify any of these troopers, please contact the editor of the Fifth Iowa Cavalry website. Thanks!

Keith Young has identified our two general officers. They commanded the Division and Brigade to which the Fifth Iowa Cavalry was attached during General Wilson's Raid through Alabama and Georgia (March 22 - April 20, 1865). Left: Brigadier General Emory Upton, commander of the Fourth Division of the Cavalry Corps, Military Division of Mississippi. Right: Brevet Brigadier General A. J. Alexander, commander of the Second Brigade of the Fourth Division.

These photographs have graciously been provided by Sandra Seabold, in the hopes that someone can associate a name with the portraits of these nineteenth century patriots.

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