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The Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry website is pleased to provide a comprehensive listing of the members of the regiment, transcribed from the official Roster of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion. Although the Roster includes muster dates, military promotions and various other details, only the names are reproduced below. It should also be noted that there was significant variety in the spelling of some names during this period of time. In cases where more than one regimental member shared the same name, a middle initial has been used to distinguish between them. If this is not available, or further distinction is necessary, the state or nation of birth is cited. It should also be noted that not all of the men listed in the roster actually "served." Several of the troopers were "unassigned" (to any company) and several entries bear the cryptic remark after their muster date: "no further record."

If you discover any errors below, please contact the Fifth Iowa Cavalry. (Due to the significant amount of time required to transcribe this roster, the presentation on this page is copyrighted and may not be reproduced anywhere else without the written permission of its creator. Interested parties can look forward to the eventual publication of a regimental history which is currently being researched in depth. This history will reproduce all of the information preserved in the roster--and far, far more.)



Aaron Abbey
Adolphus Abbey
Felix Acker
Nicholas Adam
Elijah Adams
George Adams
Henry Adams
Jacob Adams
Napoleon Adkins
Harrison Agy
Joshua Agy
Francis Alexander
Charles Allen
Florence Allen
Francis Allen
Josephus Allen
Thomas Allen
Charles Alley
Isaac Allison
Samuel Allison
Michael Altfilish / Altfillisch
William Amos
Charles Anderson
George Anderson
James Anderson
Thomas Anderson
Sterling Andrews
William Andrews
Theodore Anning
Joseph Anson
George Anthes
Harman Arlinghouse
William Armstrong
Andrew Arnold
Francis Ashley
William Aston
Elijah Atkinson
John Austin
Rufus Austin


Nicholas Bade
John Bagley
William Bagley
Charles Bailey
George Bailey
Robert Bain
Thomas Bain
William Bain
Harlon Baird
David Baker
George Baker (England)
George Baker (MO)
James Baldwin
Louis / Lewis Baltzar / Baltzer
James Bancroft
Andrew Bankson
Madison Bankson
Charles Bany
Louis Bany
Hugh Barclay
William Barclay
Joseph Barker
John Barnard
Herman Barnum
Timothy L./M. Barnum
Samuel Barringer
Henry Bartlett
John Basham
Nathan Bass
Nathan Bass
George Bauer
Samuel Baxter
Peter Bayard
Mark Bayless
Andrew Beard
Rowland Beatty
William Beatty / Beaty
Jacob Beck
Nicholas Becker
Peter Beckindolph
Henry Beckmeier
John Beehlmier
Ruel Beeson
William Begole
Samuel Belding
Dora Bell
William Bell
Henry Bellows
John Bender
Joseph Bendler
Thomas Bennett
Andrew Benringer
Jonathan Berlin
Henry Bertsch
Henry Bescoe
John Best
John Bettendorf
Lawson Bettis
Norman Betts
John Betz
Peter Bevington
Anthony Beyer
Lewis Bicklen
Christian Biesemeier/Beesmier
Conrad Biesemeier/Beesmier
Samuel Biggs
James Billings
Myron Billings
Thomas Billings
Webster Billips
Henry Bimshlage
Michael Binnager
John Birkle
William Birt
Philip Bisany
Peter Bischoff
Frank Bishop
Morris Black
William Blackword
Edward Blakely
Frederick Blasing
Frederick Blesh
Rudolphus Blesh
Sanford Bliss
Peter Blitsch
Frederick Blydine
David Boatwright
Roman Boechle
Lewis Boehm
William Boerkel
William Boge
John Bohen
James Bolsinger
Edwin Bolton
George Boney
James Booker
James Booker
Isaac Botsford
James Bovard
Joseph Bovard
Lafayette Bovard
James Bowlen
Martin Bowman
Oliver Bowman
Alfred Brackett
John Bradford
William Bradford
James Brainard
John Brainard
Joseph Brainard
Luther Brainard
William Bramlette
James Branch
John Brandon
Alexander Bras
Richard Braschinsky
Richard Brashapy
Harmon Bray
Fritz Brecht
Henry Brendes
Christian Brenner
John Brim
William Brinkhouse
Gilbert Britt
William Britt
Alfred Broadie
John Brockman
Charles Brockway
Joseph Bronson
Charles Brooks
Martin Brott
Aaron Brown
Alba Brown
Charles Brown
Francis Brown
George Brown
Jasper Brown
Josiah Brown
Nelson Brown
Robert Brown
Samuel Brown
William Brown
William H. Brown
Ziba Brown
John Brown (England)
Charles Brown (MI)
John Brown (NY)
Charles Brown (WI)
Hiram Brubaker
Charles Bryan
John Bryan
Madison Bryan
Oscar Bryan
Thomas Bryan
William Buchanan
Joseph Julius Buck
John Buckley
Thomas Bull
Samuel Bunch
Ole Buneson
Mark Burlingham
James Burns
Thomas Burt
Michael Burtcher
Caspar Buschmeier
William Busking
Henry Busse
Laytin Butin
John Butler
John Buttle


William Caffrey
Dennis Cahill
William Cahoon
James Caille
Peter Cain
John Calhoun
Junius Calhoun
James Call
Robert Calvin
Thomas Calvin
George Campbell
John L. Campbell
John Q.A. Campbell
Samuel Campbell
William Campbell
Andrew Canfield
Nathaniel Cannon
Casper Cantini
David Cantonwine
Samuel Caple
Lot Carley
Edward Carlton
Francis Carlton
Edward Carney
Barzilla Carr
James Carr
Patrick Carroll
Alfred Carson
James Carter
John Carter
Larkin Carter
Milton Carter
Newton Carwile
James Casey
Thomas Casey
William Casey
Jacob Cash / Gaasch
John Casky
Sampson Casky / Caskey
John Casselman
Lawrence Cassidy
August Cebert
William Chamberlain
Samuel Chamberlin
Thomas Chambers
Thomas Channer
Henry Chapin
Isaac Chapman
Theodore Chatfield
Samuel Cheatley
Allen Cheever
Rufus Childs
Elijah Chittester
Martin Choumee
Mathias Christnock
Andrew Church
Alpha Clark
Joel Clark
Lewis Clark
Merrill Clark
William Clark
John Clifton
Michael Coan
Winfield Coan
William Coatney
George Cochran
Thomas Cochran
Horace Coe
Winfield Coen
Corwin Coffinbery
Albert Colby
Chester Cole
Henry Cole
William Cole
William Coleman
Jacob Collins
Thomas Collins
Bryon Comstock
Patrick Conley
Daniel Conner
George Conners
John Connier
James Constantine
Frank Constinger / Constriger
David Conzett
Josiah Conzett / Conzette
Archibald Cook
William Cool
Andrew Cooley
Edmund Coombs
James Coombs
Benjamin Cooper
Daniel Cooper
James Cooper
James M. Cooper
Marquis Cooper
David Corbin
Pleasant Cormack
John Cornelius
Albert Cornish
John Corpstine / Corpstein
George Correll
Edgar Cotton
William Cotton
Robert Coulehan
Frank Courtney
William Cousins
Henry Cox
William Cox
James Craig
John Cramsie
Marion Crandall
Rodolph Crandall
Theron Crandall
George Cranston
Allen Crawford
John Croft
William Cross
Samuel Culver
Charles Cummings
Robert Cummings
William Curl
Robert Curran
Michael Curren
Joseph Currey
Dexter Curry
Joseph Curry
Robert Curry
Samuel Curtis
Emil Curtit
Irene Curtit
Lewis Curtit


Sidney Dailey
Orin Dake
Michael Daley
Vincent Dancer
Ambrose Dausch
William Davidson
William A. Davidson (IN)
William A. Davidson (TN / Ireland)
Edward Davies
Albert Davis
Charles Davis
Daniel Davis
Henry Davis
Jacob Davis
John Davis
Johnathan Davis
Leander Davis
Lewis Davis
Warren Davis
Washington Davis
George Davison
Cyrus Day
Elisha Day
Frederick Day
David Deal
Charles Decker
George Deckert
Abraham Deeter
Andrew Defiel
William Delventhal
Andrew Dempsey
James Dennis
William Denoya
James Desmond
Jacob Deutsch
George Dewitt
James Dial
Charles Dickey
Eli Dickinson
Chauncey Dickinson / Dickenson
Henry Dickmier
Frederick Dietrich
Frederick Dietrich
George Dilley
John Dilley
Elbridge Diltz
John Dingman
Richard Dinsdale
Henry Dirksen / Dirkson
Louis Disher
David Ditch
Lewis Dittmann
George Dix
John Dodd
Joseph Dolph
Joseph Donaldson
George Donnel
Cornelius Donnelly
John Donnelly
Albert Donner
Dennis Donovan
Addison Doolittle
Solomon Doolittle
William Dorward
Davis Dotterer
James Doty
William Dougherty
Isaac Douglas
George Douins
Maxim Douler
William Dow
Levi Drake
Lorenz Drewicki
Jeremiah Driscoll
Daniel Drummond
Theophilus Dubrellet
Green Duckworth
Henry Dudley
Henry Duel
Edward Dunbaugh
Irven Duncan
John Duncan
William Duncan
Stephen Duncanson
John Dunning
William Dunton
Charles Dutt
Horace Dutton
Thomas Dyer


Lawrence Eagan
John Eager
George Eakins
James Earle
Stephen Earle
William Ebert
William Ebrecht
John Edelman
Henry Edson
Charles Edwards
George Edwards
George Edwards
Green Edwards
James Edwards
Jocob Edwards
Nicholas Eisenhauer
Albert Ellis
William Ellis
Peter Eltz
Herman Elwanger
George Emerson
Frank Emery
Charles Ende
Ferdinand Ende
George Engel
Jacob Engel
Granville Ensign
Roscoe Ensign
Edwin Evans
Jackson Evans
Josephus Ewing


Ferdinand Fahr
Marshall Fall
Walter Faninge
Amasa Fanning
Henry Fanning
Archelaus Farnham
Solomon Farnham
James Farrall
John Farrow
Peter Faulkner
Frederick Feets
Herman Feets
Frederick Feldmann / Fellman
John Fellows
Charles Feltman
Daniel Felton, Jr
William Ferdo
William Ferdon
John Ferguson
John Ferrier
Nathaniel Ferrier
John Fetzer
George Fields
William Fifield
Charles Finch
Solomon Finch
John Finnegan
Christian Fischer / Fisher
Christian Fischer / Fisher
Maurice Fitzgibbons
Matthias Flanagan
Thomas Flanigan
Adam Fleckenstein
Peter Fleming
George Foell
August Foit
John Foley
William Foley
William H. Foley
Alfred Foot
Henry Fosterling
Joslyn Foulkes
William Fouts
George Fowler
Robert Fowler
William Fowler
John Fox
James Foye
Henry Franke
Charles Franklin
James Franklin
Jesse Franklin
Losy Franklin
William Franz
Charles Franzke
William Frazier
Phillip Freeborn
John Frei
George Freidenreich
George Freidenreich
Christoph Fricke
John Friend
Anthony Fritz
Henry Froderman
William Frost
George Fuller
William Fyfield


Jacob Gaasch / Cash
Michael Gallagher
Patrick Galligan
Andrew Galula
Joseph Gangler
Joseph Gardinier / Gardner
Florence Garen
Wiston Garrison
John Garvin
Charles Gates
Francis Gathercole
James Gaylord
Owen Geagens
David Geary
Jacob Geib
Henry Geiger
Henry Geiger
Fritz Geldmacher
Adam George
Nicholas George
Peter Geraghty
Peter German
Simeon Gerrard
John Geyer
Antonio Giago
Clarence Gibbons
Clarence Gibbons
Macklin Gibbs
Conrad Gifford / Goepfert
C.C. Gilbert
Robert Gilchrist
James Gilleland / Gilliland
Owen Gillen
Owen Gillen
Addison Gillette
Frank Gillham
Edwin Gillham / Gillhan
Charles Gilliam
Samuel Gilmore
Theodore Gilmore
Thomas Gilmore
Charles Gilsleighter
Sidney Gipson
Seaman Girard
Michael Gleason
Newton Gleason
William Gleason
Stephen Gleeson
Franklin Glenn
Leonard Goldsmith
Richard Good
Charles Goodrich
Frank Goodsell
Warren Gordon
James Gounan
Hypolett/Hyppolite Graff/Graaf/Graf
James Graham
Joseph Graham
William Graham
Ezekiel Grandon
Jacob Grass
Samuel Grass
Charles Gray
Franklin Gray
Aaron Graybill
Daniel Green
James Green
Samuel Green
William Green
Thomas Grey
John Griffey
Asel Griffin
Ethan Griffin
John Griffith
Joseph Griffith
George Gropel
William Gropel
Hartwell Guerin
Eugene Guinn
John Guinn
William Guinn
Andrew Guler


Peter Haber
Loarn Hack
James Haddix
George Haenall
Charles Haenel
Henry Hall
John Hall
Justus Hall
Michael Hall
Thomas Hall (IA)
Thomas Hall (MO)
Davis Halleck / Hallock
James Halpin
George Hamann
August Hammel
Gottlieb Hammer
Nelson Hammers
Benjamin Hancock
Charles Handt
Charles Handt
James Hanna
Ferdinand Hans
David Hansel
Peter Hansen
Peter Hanson
William Hardin
Peter Harding
John Hargis
Frank Harkins
Austin Harmon
Thomas Harned
Franklin Harris
James Harris
John Harris
Joseph Harris
Thomas Harris
William C. Harris
William D. Harris
William Harrison
Samuel Harry/Harvey
John Hart
John Harten
Roger Harty
William Harvey
J.J. Harwood
Ivory Hatch
John Hatcher
Lewis Hatfield
Marshall Hatfield
Joseph Hauber
William Haw
Alfred Hawley
Alfred Hawley
Benjamin Hayden
Thomas Hayden
William Hays
William Headly
George Healey
Henry Hecht
Henry Hecht
Franklin Hefley
John Heil
George Hein
Thomas Hein
George Heise
Lewis Hellfach
Anthony Hemmelder
Josiah Hempthorne
Andrew Henderson
William Henderson
William Hendricks
Conrad Henning
John Henningson
Nicholas Henrion
John Henry
Christ Henrys
Thomas Hensley
Joseph Hensman
Henry Herkes
Jacob Herman
John Hermann
Joseph Herrmann
Julius Herzog
Gottfried Hesdorfer
George Hesse
Isaac Hichborn
William Hickman
Benjamin Hicks
John Hicks
William / John Hicks
Francis Higley
Isaac Higley
Christopher Hilbert
John Hilger
Joseph Hilger
John Hill
Simpson Hill
Frank Hille
Marion Hinds
Bernard Hinken
James Hobart
Thomas Hockett
Frederick Hoeschle
Francis Hoffman
Francis Hoffman
George Hoffman
John Hoffman
Nicholas Hoffman
Samuel Hoffman
William Hoffman
Moses Holcomb
Hugo Holdoegal
Martin Holland
William Hollingsworth
John Holly
Byron Holmes
James Holmes
Henry Holt
Philip Holwagler / Holewagler
John Hood
Francis Hoover
Joel Hoover
B.H. Hopkins
Samuel Hopkins
Volney Hopkins
Frederick Hoppe
Herman Hoppe
Henry Hopson
William Hopwood
John Horchem
Peter Hostetter
James Howard
George Howe
Logan Howell
F.L. Howland
Ezra Hubbard
Isaac Hubbard
Commodore Hughes
James Hughes
John Hughes
Ernst Hukride
Henry Humphrey
Thomas Humphrey
Joseph Hunter
Samuel Hunter
John Hurd
Harlo Hurlburt
Carmi Hurley
Henry Hurley
Joseph Hursey
Henry Husgen
Nicholas Husse
George Husted
George Hutchings
Marion Hutchings
John Hutchinson
George Huyck


John Ibach
Anton Imhof
George Ireland
James Ireland
William Ireland
Myron Isbell
William Itterling


George Jackson
James Jackson
Henry Jacobs
William Jacoby
John Jaeger
Christoph Jahn
Alexander Jameson
John Jameson
Horace Jamison
John Janicke
William Jarvis
John Jeffers
Thomas Jefferson
William Jenkins
Godfrey Jerue / Jerome
Charles Jockers
Thomas John
August Johns
Lewis Johns
Augustine Johnson
Bradford / Brafford Johnson
George Johnson
Hans Johnson
Henry Johnson
James W. Johnson
John Johnson
Martin Johnson
William Johnson
William B. Johnson
William F. Johnson
William H. Johnson
Thomas Johnson (IL)
James Johnson (Ireland)
Thomas Johnson (Ireland)
James Johnson (PA)
Alexander Jolly
Hiram Jonas
Charles Jones
Christopher Jones
James Jones
William Jones
John Jones (IL)
John Jones (TN)
Daniel Jordan
Francis Jordan
Hugh Jordon
Noah Joseph
Alexander Judd
John Judd
William Julien


Israel Kable
John Kaine
Anton Kaiser
Mathias Kas
Dennis Keefe
Henry Keith
Charles Kelley
John Kelley
Thomas Kelley
Elihu Kelly
James Kelly
John / James Kelly
William Kelsay
William Kelsay
John Kephart
William Kephart
Benjamin Kerley
Irven Kerley
James Kerley
M. Kerlin
Nicholas Kerpen
Francis Kessler
J.K. Kidd
Lyman Kidder
Ferdinand Kiel
Henry Killion
John Killion
David Kimmell
Ebenezer King
William King
Danforth Kingsley
Abriam / Abiram Kinser
Henry Kinsey
John Kipp
Sherman Kirk
James Kiser
Herman Kiso
Frederick Kley
Stephen Kliewe
John Kloepper / Kloppel
John Kluner
James Knee
Daniel Knight
George Knight
Jackson Knight
John Knot
John Knowlton
Henry Koelfchen
Frank Konstinger
Antoine Koob
James Koonts
John Koonts
Peter Koonts
William Koonts
Jacob Korman
Edward Kraft
Adolphus Krotz
Claus Kruger
Gustav / Gustave Krusch
Charles Kummer
John Kuntze
Andrew Kurtzman
John Kyniston


Thomas Lafave
Charles LaFountaine
Peter LaFountaine
George Lake
Jesse Lambeth
Henry Lambird
Levi Lamp / Lamb
William Lampkin
Christopher Landon
James Landon
John Landon
Edward Lane
Martin Lane
William Lane
Philip Lang
Charles Langan
Charles Langdon
Edward Lange
Oscar Langworthy
Philip Lantz / Lentz
George Lappin
Ole Larson
Jesse LaRue
Wallace Lashelle
Charles Latimer
George Laughlin
Hugh Laughlin
William Laughlin
William Lawrence
Edward Leach
Robert Leach
Daniel Lee
Joseph Lee
John Lemmon
Frederick Lenfers
Thomas Leonard
Gustave Leue
Daniel Lewis
Griffith Lewis
Isaac Lewis
John Lewis
Lucian Lewis
Theodore Lewis
Joseph Lias
Joseph Lichtenheim
William Lightcap
John Lightfoot
Jerry Limbocker
Thomas Limbocker
Charles Limle
Adam Lindig
Henry Lindsay
Frank Lindymood
Michael Linn
Christian Litscher
George Littler
Edwin Livermore
George Lockridge
James Loftus
Michael Lone
David Loudenbeck
Enos Lowe
William Lowe
John Lower
Lewis Lown
James Lowry
John Lowry
William Lowry
William Lucey
Ezra Luckenbill
Henry Luecke
Henry Luecke
Andrew Lumbeck
Jason Lunsford
John Luton
Jacob Lynch
William Lynch
Dennis Lyons
Michael Lyons
Frank Lytle


George Maier
Sumner Mainse
Stiles Malone
Robert Maloney
Nelson Mann
James Manning
Leo Marder
Anthony Marsch
John Marsch
Eugene Marshall
George Marshall
Myron Marshall
Basil Martin
Christian Martin
Jacob C. Martin
Jacob G. Martin
Jeremiah Martin
John Martin
Moses Martin (PA)
Moses Martin (VT)
Theodore Martin
Thomas Martin
William Martin
Levi Martino
William Martino
Henry Martins
Peter Massie
Israel Masters
Ephraim Matheney
August Matheus
Henry Matter
Lafayette Matteson
Albert Matthews
John Matthews
Thomas Matthews
Alfred Matthias
Henry Maueravia
John Mayer
John Maynard
Hiram McAfee
George McAllister
William McBeath
John McCabe
Peter McCalmut
William McCamant
David McCampbell
Josiah McCarahan
Bartholomew McCartney
Frederick McCarty
George McCarty
Walter McCarty
Daniel McCarty / McCarthy
Daniel L. McCarty / McCarthy
Allen McClarnen
George McClarnen
John McClarnen
Silas McClellan
Samuel McClintock
George McComber
Robert McConnell
George McCracken
Robert McCrery
William McCrory
Matthew McCullough
James McDonald
Noah McDonald
Rolph McDonald
James McDonough
David McDougal
William McElrath
William McElrea
Chester McEvers
Elisha McEvers
Daniel McEwen
Duncan McEwin
Levi McFarland
William McFarland
Jeremiah McFarren
Philip McGeary
William McGeorge
William McGeorge
Patrick McGinn
Patrick McGuire
Peter McGuire / Maguire
Andrew McHenry
John McKay
Daniel McKean
Robert McKee
Cornelius McKenna
Patrick McKenna
George McKenney
Joseph McKenney
William McKenney
James McKenzie
Etna McKinley
John McKinley
William McKinley
James McKinney
David McKnight
George McLean
John McMahon
John McMains
John / William McMichael
Erastus McNeely
Thomas McNeely
David McNeil
Bernard McNinney
James McNish
William McNutt
Henry McQueen
Ewing McReynolds
Terence McSpirits
W.W. Mead
Henry Mehrdorf
George Meier
Andrew Meiser / Meisser
Francis Mellville
Amos Melugin
William Melvin / Malvin
Charles Mensch
Matthias Mertes
Anton Meyer
Frederick Meyer
John Meyer
William Meyer
Frank Meyknecht
Daniel Middaugh
Edward Miles
Gilbert Miles
Andrew Miller
Charles Miller
John Miller
John T. Miller
Stillman Miller
William Miller
John Miller (Canada)
John Miller (Holland)
John Miller (NY)
John Miller (PA)
Benjamin Millikan
William Millikan
Herman Millman
Frank Milton
Orrin Miner
Cass Minker
James Miskimmons
Joseph Miskimmons
Lewis Miskimmons
Marcus Mitchell
Dudley Mizner
Amos Moberry
Conrad Moeller
Henry Moellers
Henry Mohr
Leonard Molliter
Nicholas Monner
John Monsel
Thomas Moodie
James Moody
Henry Moony
Charles Moore
Henry Moore
Hezekiah Moore
Samuel Moore
Thomas Moore
Thomas M. Moore
W. John Moore
William Moore
John Moore (Canada)
(Ward) John Moore (MO)
John Moore (TN)
Michael Moran
Levi Moreing
William Morgan / Morgans
Sidney Morris
Thomas Morrow
William Morrow
Henry Mosely
Tunis Moshier
George Moshrosh
Silas Mott
William Mount
Rudolph Moye
William Moyer
Ernest Mueller
Matthias Mueller
Paul Mueller
James Mumford
Hubert Munchroth
Andrew Munson
John Murphy
William Murphy
James Murray
James B. Murray
Joseph Musgrave
David Musser


John Nagele
John Nauerth
Patrick Naughton
John Neagle
Francis Needham
James Neely
Mortimer Neely
John Neighbor
Eli Nelson
Jonathan Nelson
William Nelson
John Neth
Thomas Nevils
George Newcomb
Elisha Newell
Dwight Newman
George Newman
Washington Newton
Christian Nibeling
Jophn Niblack / Niblock
Jacob Nichols
Charles Nickelson
Charles Niehous / Nichous
Amos Niles
Frank Noble
Peter Noble
Henry Nolte
Arnold Nolting
Winslow Norcutt
Almon Norris
George Northrup
Bird Norton
Luman Norton
William Norton
Charles Nott
William Nunley


Edward O'Brien
George O'Brien
Louis O'Brien
Michael O'Brien
Cornelius O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
John O'Conner
Thomas O'Conner
Jeremiah O'Conner / O'Connor
Anthony O'Donald
Thomas O'Rourke
Daniel O'Sullivan
Patrick O'Sullivan
Samuel Olinger
Charles Oliver
Robert Oliver
George Olney
Andrew Olson
Christian Olson
Ole Olson
Ole E. Olson
Peter Olson
Simon Olson
Soleff Olson
David Onstott
Alexander Organ
Edward Ormsby
Samuel Orr
Thomas Orr
Charles Osgood
Henry Ostert
John Ostrander
John Oswald
Joseph Oswald
Martin Oswald
Philip Oswald
Gustave Otto
Hermann Otto
Henry Overstreet
Clayton Owen
Norman Owen
John M. Owens
John N. Owens


George Paddock
William Page
Adam Palmer
John Pals
William Parcel
Charles Parker
George Parker
Wyman Parker
William Parmenter
Nathaniel Parsons
Algernon Patrick
James Patrick
Matthewson Patrick
Edward Patten
Philip Patten
Alma Patterson
John Patterson
Samuel Paul
Frank Paxton
Warren Pay
Charles Payment
Frederick Payne
William Pease
William Peck
Robert Peckham
James Pegg
John Pennie
James Perham
Ephraim Perkins
Henry Perkins
Isaac Perkins
Williams Perkins
Franklin Perrin
Joseph Peshel
Jacob Peters
B. Peterson
Nicholas Pettinger
Mathias Pfeiffer
Edward Pfotzer
Henry Pfotzer
Albert Phelps
George Phelps
Julius Phelps
Amos Phillips
John Phillips
Thomas Phillips
Isaac Phipps
William Pickle / Pikle
__ Pierce
William Pierce
David Piercy
Fredricker Pitcher
Henry Plager
Merritt Platt
William Plum
Charles Plummer
Isaac Plummer
Paul Pokette
Almond Poland
James Pollock
William Poplan
Richard Porter
Richard Postill
Henry Powell
John Powell
J.B. Powers
Clarington Poynes
Daniel Pratt
Lewis Pratt
Martin Pratt
Frederick Preckel
John Pregler
Orange Presnall
Columbus Price
John Price
Joseph Price
John Prior
Marcellus Pruyne
Marcellus Pruyne
John Pryor
Robert Pryor
William Pryor
William Pulls
Carl Pulsifer
Frank Pulsifer
Bryson Purcell
Wesley Purcell
Curtis Purinton
John Pursell
Peter Putman


Aurelius Quinn
Michael Quinn


David Radick
John Ralph
Josiah Ramage
William Ramas
William Ramos
George Ramsey
Obadiah Randall
John Rapp
Matthias Raska
William Rath
Amandus Rea
Jerry Rea
Timothy Reardon
William Rebman
James Redden
John Reddick
Woodman Redding
Thomas Redmond
Oscar Reece
John Reed
Samuel Rees / Reese
Thomas Reese
George Reifenstohl
Matthias Reuther
James Reynolds
Wilson Reynolds
James Rheems
Joseph Rich
Henry Richards
John Richards
Philip Richards
Henry Richardson
James Richardson
John Richardson
Williamson Richardson
Christopher Riese
Simon Riesgraf
George Rifenstohl
Thomas Ritchie
John Ritzmann
Wesley Robb
Walter Robbins
William Robeck
Moses Roben
Leander Roberts
Hiram Robertson
James Robinett
Arthur Robinson
Moses Robinson
Thomas Robinson
Lyman Robison
Owen Roche
Joseph Rock
Asa Rockwell
Edward Roderick
Lorenzo Roe
Asa Rogers
James Rogers
John Rogers
Nicholas Rogers
Frank Rohde
Amon Rook
Orsa Root
Daniel Rose
Henry Rose
Robert Rose
Allen Ross
Charles Ross
Clark Ross
Charles Rothe
Bernard Rottman
Timothy Rouhan
Jason Row
Samuel Rowse
Thomas Ruckles
Jacob Rufie
Washington Runyan
William Runyon
Charles Russell
Nathaniel Russell
Paul Russell
William Russell
O.C. Ruttan
James Ryan


Lewis Sackett
Joseph Saeher
Rufus Safford
David Sage
Philip Sage
Timothy SaintCleer
Milton Saling
Henry Salisbury
Oren Salisbury
Curtis Samons
Archy Sanders
Zachariah Sanders
Lewis Sanner
Frank Santers
Robert Santo
Henry Sauer
Thomas Sawyers
Charles / Carl Schaeffer
C. Schaeffer Boernstein
August Scharfe
George Scheldt
August Schelland
Charles Scherman
John Schildknecht / Schildknect
August Schlapp
Henry Schlapp
John Schlecht
Joseph Schlecht
Joseph Schleicher
George Schmelz
Charles Schmoeger
Philip Schneider
August Schnell
John Schnering
Stephen Schnering
Henry Schoewalter
Isaac Schofield / Scofield
John Schomacher / Schoemacker
Francis Schotes
Jacob Schreiner
Charles Schubert
F. August Schubert
Frederick Schultz
William Schwagler
John Schwirtz / Schwartz
Nicholas Schwartz
Charles Scofield
Moses Scofield
Thomas Scofield
James Scott
Jonathan Scott
Obadiah Scott
James Seavey
Webber/Weber Seavey
William Seegar
Florian Seidel / Seidell
John / Joseph Seidel / Seidell
Levi Selkin
John Seller
Joseph Sempare
Frank Sencebaugh
Ambrose Senecal
Julian Senecal
Edward Sephton
John Sergeant
Daniel Seward
Jacob Shaak
William Shaffer
Jacob Shaner
William Shankland
Thomas Sharp
James Shehan
Benneville Shelley
Erwin Shelley
Joseph Sheppard
George Sherman
Thomas Sherman
Thomas Sherwood
John Shier / Schier
James Shockley
Oliver Shockley
Samuel Shockley
William Shockley
Robert Sholtz / Scholtz
Christopher Shuck
Henry Shultz / Schultz
Bartholomew Sidell
Charles Siemon
Landon Silcott
Jacob Silket
Lewis Silvereisen
Anson Simar
Stephen Simar
Habley Simbley
George Simon
Anton Simonet
Lemuel Simpson
John Sinest
George Sipe
John Slack
Charles Slader
Barnard Slange
Lorenzo Slayton
Elisha Sloan
George Sluthour
Alexander Smith
Charles Smith
Edward Smith
Frank Smith
George H. Smith
George W. Smith
Jacob Smith
James Smith
James W. Smith
John A. Smith
John F. Smith
John L. Smith
Joseph Smith
Peter Smith
Samuel Smith
Thomas Smith
William Smith
John Smith (Canada)
Finley Smock
Charles Snider
William Snowden
William Snyder (Germany/Prussia)
William Snyder (MO)
William Snyder (OH)
Frederick Sobel
August Soechtig
Ludwig Sohl
Allen Soper
Jerome Soper
Samuel Sorie
Ara Soule
Jacob Sowash
Julius Spafford
Werner Specht
John Spencer
Burdett Sperry
James Sperry
Jerome Spillman
Edwin Spink
Charles Sprague
Hela Sprague
Heman Sprague
Nelson Sprague
Thomas Spring
Freeman Squires
Joseph Stacey
Sylvester Stallings
Joshua Stamer
Richard Standish
Lyman Starks
William Staten
Christian Stauffer
George Steaners
Benjamin Stearns
Solon Steere
Leopold Steinberger
Henry Steiner
Thomas Steiren
George Stephens
Martin Stephens
John Stephenson
Charles Sterner
Douglas Stevens
Elijah Stewart
Sylvester Stewart
William Stewart
Charles Stiemann
Robert Stillwell
Russell Stillwell
John A. Stillwell (Canada)
John A. Stillwell (OH)
William Stine
Enos Stivers
Duncan Stocking
John Stocking
Anthony Stolder
Anson Stone
Clark Stone
Martin Stowell
James Strachan / Strahan
George Strait
Charles Strasburg
Charles Straub
Stephen Straub
Samuel Strawn
Augustus Streeter
Frank Stropp
Chauncey Stroud
David Stuart
Isaac Sturgis
Stephen Sturmer
James Summers
Milton Summers
John Sutherland
George Sutton
Henry Sutton
Orrin Swan
William Swan
Daniel Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney
Nathan Swift


George Tackitt
John Tackitt
Lewis Tackitt
Hinton Tallman
Alonzo Taylor
Lorenzo Taylor
Samuel Taylor
Charles Teasdale
Ezra Tebbets
William Tebbets
William Thayer
George Thill
George Thomas
James Thomas
John Thomas
Charles Thompkins
Albert Thompson
George Thompson
John B. Thompson
John S. Thompson
Joseph Thompson
Samuel Thompson
William Thompson
James Thompson (Ireland)
James Thompson (KY)
Daniel Thorp
Henry Tice
John Ticken
Augustus Tienan
George Tilbury
Edward Tinker
William Tinker
William Todd
Charles Tollsdorf
Charles Tomblin
Hiram Tompkin
John Toner
David Topham
Manuel Toris
William Torrey
Timothy Touhan
William Tovey
John Towers
Thomas Tracy
John Transier
George Traver
Samuel Treadway
Elias Trickey
John Tripp
John Trosal
Henry Trowbridge
Levi Troxell
Marion Turner
Spencer Turner
William Tuting
Wlater Tuttle
Andrew Tyrel / Tyrrel


August Ulrich
Florence Ulrich
John Underwood
Frederick Unger
George Utley


Charles Van Gordon
Orison Van Horn
George Van Slyke
Jacob Van Slyke
William Van Slyke
Richard Van Vredenburgh
Richard Van Vredenburgh
Robert Vannie
Louis Vaseur
Thomas Vaughn
Joseph Venable
Charles Venator
Joseph Vicker
Sebastian Viox
Henning Von Minden
Henry Vonder Heide


Frank Wagner
William Wagner
Eli Wait
Adolphus Waitz
Chauncey Waldo
Horatio Waldo
Hugh Walker
John Walker
John A. Walker
Orville Walker
Samuel Walker
Thomas Walker
William Walker
Thomas Wallace
Sanford Walroth
Edward Walter
Horace Walters
Jeremiah Walton
Joseph Waltz
Amos Ward
Benjamin Ward
Charles Ward
David Ward
Francis Ward
William Ward
James Warren
William Warren
William Washburne
Christian Wasmund
Robert Wasson
Civilian Waters
David Waters
Hiram Waters
Michael Waters
William Watkins
Charles Watson
Charles F. Watson
George Watson
John Watson
Thomas Watts
Elias Way
Jacob Weaver
Michael Weber
Nicholaus Weber
Henry Wedekermper / Widekermper
John Wehmeir
Charles Weigel
Solomon Weismer
Bernard Weiss
William Welch
Lemuel Weliver / Welliver
Willoughby Wells
Alfred Wender
Charles Wenz
Charles Werner
Joseph Werner
George Wert
Franz Werth
Francis West
Henry West
J.R. West
Marion West
Mortimer West
Stiles West
William Westphal
Henry Whait
George Wheeler
Mortimer Wheeler
Charles Wheelock
Cerro Whitcomb / Witcomb
Benjamin White
George White
Henry White
John White
John C. White
Thomas Whitehill
Burnett Whitford
Josiah Whitten
Philo Whitten
Adam Whittenbach
Charles Whittenbach
George Whitting / Witting
Henry Wichard
Henry Wichman
Charles Widemer
Jasper Widger
Frank Wiggenjost
David Wilcox
Jeremiah Wilcox
William Wilhite
John Wilker
Benjamin Williams
Deloss< Williams
Frederick Williams
George Williams
John Williams
John A. Williams
Mahlon Williams
Porter Williams
Silas Williams
Syria Williams
John Williams (Ireland)
James Williams (KY)
John Williams (MA)
John Williams (NY)
James Williams (OH)
Augustine Williamson
George Williamson
Samuel Williamson
Stephen Williamson
Ephraim Willis
Alonzo Wilson
Eli Wilson
John Wilson
John C. Wilson
Thomas Wilson
William Wilson
James Wing
William Wing
Charles Winn
Harry Winninghoff
William Winsor
Frederick Winter
Christopher Wiscarver
B. Taylor Wise
Daniel Wolf
Elijah Wolf
George Wolf
James Wolf
John Wolf
John Wolfe
James Wood
John Wood
Joseph Woodhouse
Wesley Woodmansee
Franklin Woodruff
William Woodruff
J.W.G. Woods
Samuel Woods
James Woolnough
Joseph Wortman
James Wright
Leonard Wright
Richard Wright
Richard N. Wright
Thomas Wright
Alfred Wusberg
Alfred Wyatt


No Members of the Fifth


Henry Yater
Washington Yayer
George Young
James Young
John Young
Aaron Younkin


Jacob Zannuck
John Zegrandt
Nicholas Zegrandt
Harry Zeimett
William Zeitler

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