Sergeant William Scofield

Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry

Many troopers in the War Between the States enlisted in the ranks alongside their brothers, but few accompanied their fathers into the army. Fewer still served with both their father and brother. Such was the situation for William A. Scofield, who enlisted in August of 1861 in the Curtis Horse.

William, being older than his brother, Private Moses Scofield followed his father through the ranks. In 1863 he received two promotions, to Eighth Corporal in March and Fourth Corporal in July. He received two more promotions the following year, after reenlisting as a veteran, to Fourth Corporal in August and First Corporal in November. His final promotion was on July 1, 1865 to the rank of Fourth Sergeant in Company A. His father, Charles Scofield, had served as a Sergeant before him.

After the war, the two brothers headed west to California, before ultimately settling in Colorado.

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