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Brief Biographies of Veterans of the Fifth

In addition to the complete regimental roster which we have made available for visitors to our site, we are pleased to offer several expanded biographies. These are made available due to the generosity of descendants of members of the Fifth Iowa Infantry. If you have information about any of the other men who proudly served under the regiment's banners, we would be honored to host that information here.

Full Regimental Roster
Fifth Iowa Veterans in the Colorado GAR
Regimental Staff
Regimental Commanders
Lieutenant Colonel Ezekiel Sampson
Major William Robertson
Assistant Surgeon William Darrow
Sergeant Major Andrew Canfield
Grand Army of the Republic Reunion
Company A
Lieutenant Lilburn Henderson, Company A
Quartermaster Sergeant Jacob Weaver, Company A
Wagoner Byron Tower, Company A
Private Leprisette King, Company A
Company B
Major Marsh Byers, Company B
Captain Samuel Chapman, Company B
Captain John Tait, Company B
Sergeant William Adamson, Company B
Private Thomas Poore, Company B
Private John Sparks, Company B
Company C
Captain Albert Ellis, Company C
Lieutenant Jerry Limbocker, Company C
Sergeant Andrew Henderson, Company C
Sergeant Robert Lynch, Company C
Corporal Sherman Kirk, Company C
Private William Henderson, Company C
Private John Moore, Company C
Private William Neal, Company C
Private John Tompkins, Company C
Company D
Corporal Abraham Deeter, Company D
Private Timothy Barnum, Company D
Company E
Major William Marshall, Company E
Captain Daniel Lee, Company E
Lieutenant George Jordan, Company E
Lieutenant Alexander Lewis, Company E
Lieutenant William Peck, Company E
Commissary Sergeant Madison Bryan, Company E
Commissary Sergeant Frank Noble, Company E
Sergeant Thomas Blonden, Company E
Sergeant William Bunce, Company E
Sergeant Charles Putney, Company E
Corporal William Codling, Company E
Corporal Hela Sprague, Company E
Private Joseph Anson, Company E
Private Charles Bailey, Company E
Private Charles Brooks, Company E
Private Oscar Bryan, Company E
Private John Davis, Company E
Private John McCray, Company E
Private Peter Putman, Company E
Private Heman Sprague, Company E
Private Stephen Washburn, Company E
Private Richard Whait, Company E
Company F
Corporal David McNeil, Company F
Corporal Henry McNeil, Company F
Corporal Finley Smock, Company E
Corporal Charles Sprague, Company E
Private Henry Payton, Company F
Private Norman Smith, Company F
Private Clark Stone, Company F
Company G
Corporal Joseph Meskimen, Company G
Private James Baldwin, Company G
Private Benjamin Binder, Company G
Private George Burney McCoy, Company G
Company H
Captain Joel Brown, Company H
Corporal Stewart Handshaw, Company H
Private James Coombs, Company H
Private Knapp, Company H
Private Henry Morris, Company H
Private John Shepherd, Company H
Private John Still, Company H
Company I
Major William Cotton, Company I
Sergeant Major Frank Bettis, Company I
Sergeant Caspar Deppe, Company I
Private Henry Budde, Company I
Corporal William Morden, Company I
Private John Schwirtz, Company I
Private William Smith, Company I
Company K
Corporal Charles Fosdick, Company K
Corporal Seymour Shryock, Company K
Corporal George Watson, Company K
Private John Fosdick, Company K
Private Andrew Soll, Company K

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