Private John Spencer Moore

Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry

John Spenser Moore was one of the Iowa patriots who quickly rallied to the flag when the Confederate states sought their independence. Although he was not one of the Fifth Iowa Infantry's soldiers who reenlisted to become a veteran trooper of the "consolidated" Fifth Iowa Cavalry, Moore did serve faithfully for the duration of his three-year enlistment.

Following his military service, Moore retired to Iowa and was active in the Grand Army of the Republic. He had a large family, and is pictured above with three of his grandchildren. In the GAR photograph below, he is pictured with a large number of unidentified veterans. Who knows how many were veterans of the Fifth Iowa Infantry or Cavalry? (Such pictures were often taken of men who served in the same regiment or company, so it is likely that all were in the Fifth Infantry, and that some served in the Fifth Cavalry as well.) John is seated at the far right.

This brief tribute, along with the Fifth Iowa Infantry page, is dedicated to John Spencer Moore, the great-great-grandfather of Delores Stroud.

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