Private Thomas Poore

Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Private Thomas Poore (Poor) was a twenty-one year old resident of Newton, Iowa when he enlisted on June 24 , 1861 in Company B of the Fifth Iowa Infantry. Poore was "wounded in hand slightly" on May 16, 1863, at Baker's Creek, Mississippi. He recovered from the injury and served until the expiration of term of service, mustering out on July 30, 1864 at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Poore ended the war with more than fellow comrades who were lifelong friends. Sergeant William Adamson became his brother following the war. On December 12, 1867, Adamson married Poore's sister Angeline Poore. The two had a long and happy life together. Poore and his sister had another brother, George, who served in the Second Iowa Cavalry. George, being younger than his brother, enlisted in 1864. Sadly, he died on October 13, 1864 in St Louis, and was buried in the National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks.

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