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The Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry website is pleased to provide a comprehensive listing of the members of the regiment, transcribed from the official Roster of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion. Although the Roster includes muster dates, military promotions and various other details, only the names are reproduced below. It should also be noted that there was significant variety in the spelling of some names during this period of time. In cases where more than one regimental member shared the same name, a middle initial has been used to distinguish between them. If this is not available, or further distinction is necessary, the state or nation of birth is cited. It should also be noted that not all of the men listed in the roster actually "served." Several of the soldiers were "unassigned" (to any company) and several entries bear the cryptic remark after their muster date: "no further record."

If you discover any errors below, please contact the Fifth Iowa Infantry. (Due to the significant amount of time required to transcribe this roster, the presentation on this page is copyrighted and may not be reproduced anywhere else without the written permission of its creator. Interested parties can look forward to the eventual publication of a regimental history which is currently being researched in depth. This history will reproduce all of the information preserved in the roster--and far, far more.)



Thomas Abbey
Washington Abbott
Carl Ackerman
William Adamson / Ademson
John Albaugh
Nelson Alexander
John Allbaugh
Abel Allen
Charles Allen
David Allen
Sylvester Allen
George Allender
William Allender
Samuel Allison
William Amlong
James Anderson
James Anderson
William Anderson
Joseph Anson
Marshall Anson
Milo Anson
Francis Applegate
George Armontrout
Westley Arnold
Milton Arrington
Daniel Artist
Elijah Ashford
Allen Atha
Enoch Augustin / Augustine / Augustus
John Austin
Burton Ayers


Elias Babcock
Charles F. Bailey / Baily
Charles O. Bailey / Baily
George Bailey/Baily
John Bain
Robert Bain
George Baldwin
James Baldwin
Juby Bamberg
Jabez Banbury
James Banks
Andrew Bankson
Parmenus Bankson
Isaac Barden
Samuel Baringer
Elias Barker
Timothy Barnum
Richard Barrett
Samuel Barringer
Christian Bartshe
Elias Bascom
John Basham
Christian Batsche
William Baugham / Baughman
Anton Baumer
Peter Bayard
Peter Bayless
Rutherford Beadley
Chester Beales / Beals
Andrew Beard
Thomas Beath
Rutherford Beatly
William Beaver
Daniel Beckley
Chester Beeles
Rutherford Beetley
William Begole
James Bell
Gregori Bellgard Jr.
Rutherford Beodly
Richard Berggarf
Chester Berles
Frank Bettis
Charles Bevans / Bevins
Daniel Bill
Benjamin Binder
Frank Bishop
Edwin Bissell
Daniel Bixler
Oscar Blainey
Edwin Blakeley
Edward Blakely
Oscar Blaney
Thomas Blodin / Blonden / Blondin
Ferdinand Blusch / Blush
John Bodley
William Bodley / Bodly
William Bonnett
Isaac Borden
William Borrett
George Botsford / Botsforde / Bottsford
William Bounce
George Bousman (Bowsman)
George Bousnian
Lafayette Bovard
William Bovard
George Bowsman (Bousman)
George Boyer
Robert Boyles
Caleb Braddy
James Brainard / Brained
William Brakely / Brakey
William Brandon
Alexander Bras
Lewis Brevier
Lewis Brewer
Charles Brockway
William Brook / Brooke
Charles Brookes / Brooks
Alexander Brothers
Alexander Brown
Benjamin Brown
Isaac Brown
Joel Brown
William Brown
William Brush
Madison Bryan
Oscar Bryan
Harvey Bryant
Frank Budde
William Bunce
Andrew Burkhardt
Chauncey Burlington / Burrington
Laytin Butin
John Butler
Martin Butler
Michael Butler
Samuel Byers/Byres


Edward Cabler
John Cabler
Edward Cadman
Jacob Cagley / Caigley
Solomon Cak
Junius Calhoun
Americus Campbell
George Campbell
James Campbell
John Campbell
Milton Campbell
Milton Campbell
Samuel Campbell
William C. Campbell
William L. Campbell
Andrew Canfield
David Cantonwine
Samuel Caple / Caples
Luther Carey
Joseph Carlin
George Carlton
Patrick Carney
John Carol
Peter Carpenter
Samuel Carson
Milton Carter
Isaac Cartwright
John Casad
Henry Cassett
Obed Caswell
James Cellan
Edward Chambers
Samuel Chapman
William Chapman
George Cheeny
Charles Cherry/Chery
Charles Chester
Eugene Childs
Elijah Chitister / Chittester
William Christie / Christy
Milton Church
Charles Clark
Nelson Clark
Solomon Clark
William Clark
Henry Clements
John Cligham
William Coates / Coats
Erasmus Cocket
William Coddling / Codling
William Coe
Calvin Cole
Henry Cole
John Cole
Septemius Cole
Ichabod Colyar
James Combs
Charles Comstock
A. Mervin / Mervin A. Conklin / Conkling
William Conklin / Conkling
Robert Conlehan
Daniel Conner / Conners / Connor
Daniel Conor
William Conway
Archibald Cook
Seymour Cook
William Cool
James Coombs
Benjamin Cooper
George Cooper
James Cooper
Marcus Cooper
Samuel Cooper
Silas Cooper
Alpheus Corbin
Albert Cornish
William Cotes
Thomas Cotton
William Cotton
William Cotton
Moses Cottrell
Robert Coulehan
James Cowles
David Cowman
Edmund Cox
Henry Cox
Milton Cox
William Cox
William Crawford
Charles Crosby
Eli Cross
William Cross
William Crozier
Samuel Culbertson
Benjamin Cunningham
Robert Cunningham
Watson Cunningham


Jerome Darling
William Darrow
Latham Davidson
Hiram Davis
John Davis
Samuel Davis
Wells Davis
Latham Davison
Henry Day
Barnett DeWitt
William Dean
Lafayette Decker
Abraham Deeter
Joseph Deetric / Deetrich / Deetrick / Deitrick
Joseph Delong
Lawrence Demott / Demotte
John Dempsey / Dempsy
Robert Denbon
Caspar Deppe
Joseph Detric
David Dewey
Charles Dieting
Thomas Dilley
David Ditch
Henry Ditch
George Ditto
John Dixon
Alfred Dodge
Harla Dolan / Dolen
Dennis Donavan / Donivan / Donnivan / Donovan
John Donavan / Donivan / Donnovan / Donovan
Thomas Donnelly
Addison Doolittle
Hezekiah Doolittle
William Doolittle
Patrick Dowery
Robert Downes / Downs
Patrick Downey
Davenport Downs
Henry Downs
Patrick Downy
Harvey Drake
Martin Drum
William Dumont
William Dungan
Daniel Dunham
Charles Dutt
Alden Dwinell


Charles Eagan / Eagen
George Eakins
James Earl / Earles
Milton Easter
Amos Eaton
William Eaton
Alvin Ebberts
William Eberhard / Eberhart
Alvin Ebert / Eberts
William Ebert
James Edgar
Ethelbert Edmonds
Charles Egan / Egans
Christopher Eich
Nicholas Eisenhauer / Eisenhaur
…or Nicholas Eisenhour / Eisenhower
Lewis Eldridge
Rezin Elliott
William Elliott
Albert Ellis
Homer Ellis
Francis Ellsworth
Adelbert Elmer
Edwin Elmer
Oliver Elmer
Francis Elsworth
William Emery
Thomas Esele / Estal / Estell / Estle


John Farrar
Lysander Farrar / Farrer
Robert Farrell
John Farrer
Thomas Farrier
James Farris
Henry Faye
Charles Fenning
James Fenning
John Fenning
George Ferguson
George Ferry
Solomon Field
Job Fields
Solomon Fields
John Finley
Henry Fisher
Joseph Fisher
Sebastian Fisher
Henry Fledge / Flege
Charles Fleming
David Fleming
Job Fleming
William Fleming
Job Flemming
John Flickner
Manasses Flora / Flory
Joseph Fobes
John Foley
William Foley
George Foot / Foote
Charles Fosdick
John Fosdick
Hiram Foster
William Fouts
Almon Francis
Larey Franklin
Thomas Franklin
Rufus Frazer / Frazier
Jacob Freeman
Leroy Frink
Henry Fry
James Fuller
Jared Fuller
Oscar Fuller
William Fulton
George Furgerson / Furguson


Stephen Gainunor
Alfred Gaique
William Gambell / Gamble
Charles Gano
Cornelius Gard
Francis Gard
William Gardener
James Gardner
William Gardner
Lewis Garlinghouse / Garlinhouse
James Garton
James Gaylord
Alfred Geaque
Jacob Gender
John Genther
Hugo George
Orville George
John Getts
Spencer Getts
John Geyer
William Gift
Aaron Gilbert
Culdore Gilbert
Nelson Gilbert
Stewart Gillaspie / Gillespie
Homer Gillett / Gillette
Addison Gillette
John Ginther
Holden Gist
David Glander
David Glandon
Davis Googins
William Gordy
Bennett Gore
Albert Goss
Charles Goss
John Graham
Thomas Graham
Vano Graham
William Graham
John Grammar / Grammer / Granmer
William Grammar / Grammer
Albert Grant
Albert Gravert
Edward Graves
George Gray
John Gray
Aaron Graybill
Isaac Green
Isaac Greene
James Gregg
George Grey
John Grey
Asel Griffen
Asel Griffin
John Griffith
Edward Griswell / Griswold
John Grubb
John Guyer/Gyer


Amos Hackney
William Hackney
William Hale
Benjamin Hall
Hiram Hall
James Hall
Joel Hall
John Hall
Robert Hall
Thomas Hall
Walter Hall
William Hall
Martin Hallock
Newton Halsey
Sanford Hamilton
George Hammond
William Hammond
Stewart Handshaw
John Hanlin / Hanlon
Oscar Hann
William Hansfus
Stewart Hanshaw
George Hardman / Hardmen
Charles Harrass
James Harrigan
Charles Harris
Foster Harris
Franklin Harris
David Hart
William Hartman
Abram Hartzell
John Haskins
Lewis Hatfield
William Hatfield
William Hausafus
William Hawk
John Hawlin
William Haxton
Marshall Haycock
Solomon Hayes
Solomon Hays
John Healy
Andrew Heller
John Helsinger
Andrew Henderson
James Henderson
John Henderson
Lieburn Henderson
William Henderson
William Hendricks
James Hensley
David Heron
Charles Herriman
David Herron
Samuel Herron
John Higerson / Higgerson
William Hill
John Hilsinger
Stephen Hockett
Michael Hoffman
Samuel Hoffman
Elvin Holcomb
Jerome Holenbeck / Hollenbeck
John Holly
Morgan Holmes
Robert Hoolihan
Silas Hoon
Francis Hooven
William Hopper
Robert Houlihan
John Howard
William Howard
Richard Howell
William Huber
John Hudson
Josiah Hudson
Enoch Huff
John Huff
Fredrich Huffman
John Huffman
Robert Huffman
Ehud Hughes
Rezen Hughes
Samuel Hughes
William Hughes
Robert Hulihan
William Huling
Miles Humphrey / Humphry
Jacob Hunt
John Hunter
Samuel Hunter
H.C. Huntsman
George Huoick
Robert Huolihane
George Huoyck
Bowen Hurt
Charles Hussey / Hussy
George Huyck


John Ibaugh / Ibough
Luke Ingman
Marion Ingram
Fulton Isett


William Jack
Charles Jackson
John Jacques
Freeman Jameson
John Jaques
John Jarrett
Benjamin Jarvis
Gethens Jenkins
Edwin Jenks
Godfrey Jerne
Gethens Jinkins
Augustus Johnson
Daniel Johnson
Frank Johnson
Hamilton Johnson
Hannibal Johnson
Henry Johnson
James Johnson
William Johnson
Daniel Johnston
James Johnston
James Johnston
William Johnston
Alexander Jolley
John Jolley
Charles Jones
David Jones
George Jones
Haman Jones
Isaac Jones
Nathaniel Jones
Theodore Jones
George Jordan
Joseph Joy


Israel Kabel
Peter Kabich / Kabrick
Uriah Keath
Charles Keating
Thomas Keislar / Keisler / Keislor
James Kellog
Willbur Kellogg
Jeremiah Kennedy
Simeon Kennedy
Thomas Kerr
B.F. Kersey
Francis Kessler
John Ketchem / Ketchum
David Kimmell
George King
James King
John King
L.A. King
William King
Wellington Kingsburry
Allen Kinsel
Sherman Kirk
Nicholas Klees / Kleese / Kless
Joseph Knapp
Peter Knapp
William Knapp
Byron Knowles
Paul Krohn / Krone


Ezra Lackenbill
James Laffer
Philip Laffer
Reason Laffer
Isaac Laine
Daniel Lamborn
Isaac Landenback
Henry Landers
Isaac Lane
Isaac Lang
Charles Lange
Gilbert Lantes / Lantis
Charles Latimer
Jeremiah Latimer / Latimore / Lattamore
Charles Lattimer / Lattimore
Jerome Lawrence
Castleton Leatherman
Daniel Lee
Henry Leinbach
Jacob Leinbaugh
William Letchfield
Alexander Lewis
James Lewis
Lucien Lewis
Henry Lexman
John Liebsch / Lieps
Andrew Limbeak
Jerry Limbecker / Limbocker
Thomas Limbocker
Henry Limebach / Linebach / Linebaugh / Lineboch
Jacob Limebach / Linebach / Linebaugh / Lineboch
Samuel Lindsay / Lindsey
George Listen
William Litchfield
George Littler
Thomas Littleton
James Loffer
Phillip Loffer
Reason Loffer
George Logan
David Londerback
Abram Long
Isaac Long
Charles Lorah
William Loram/Loran
Ezra Louchenbell
David Loudenback / Louderback
Isaac Loudenback / Loudenbock / Loudenbocs
George Lowe
Samuel Loyd
Luke Loynes
Ezra Lucanbill / Luckanbill / Luckenbill / Luckerbille
Jerry Lunbarker
Andrew Lunbeck
Edward Lunt
George Lye
Henry Lyman
Robert Lynch
Thomas Lynch
Walter Lytle


Addison Madeira
Addison Maderia
James Magee
John Magill
George Mahan
Daniel Malven / Malvin
John Malvern / Malvin
Daniel Manahan
Dennison Mannahan
James Manson
John Marlin
Kusy Marlin
Charles Marsh
Joseph Marshall
William Marshall
Addison Martin
Bassil Martin
Jacob C. Martin
Jacob G. Martin
John Martin
Levi Martino
William Martino
Henry Marvin
Alexander Mateer
John Mathers
James Mathews
John Mathews
Wesley Matison / Matson / Mattison
Henry Matter
Lafayette Matteson
Orlando Matteson
Charles Matthias / Matthies
Henry Matto
Joseph Maxwell
William Mayes / Mays
James McAlister / McAllister
William McAuly
William McBeth
John McCall
Robert McCall
David McCampbell
Anthony McCasker
William McCauyhey
Robert McClanahan
John McClarnen
James McClellan
John McClure
Robert McClure
Joseph McConaha
Joseph McConahay / McConeha
Franklin McCoy
George McCoy
Purley McCracken
William A. McCrady / McCready
William L. McCrady
John McCray
James McCroskey
William McCully
Anthony McCusker
Philip McDaniel / McDaniels
Harmon McDonald
Thomas McDonald
William McElrath
William McElrea
Michael McGowen
Charles McHarness
William McIlrath
Robert McKee
James McKinzie
Sylvester McKinzie
Thomas McLaughlin
William McLenehan / McLinehan
Thomas McMahan
James McManimis
John McManis / McMannes / McManus
John McMurrey
Mathew McNattin
David McNeal
Henry McNeal/McNeil
Lafayette McNeal
David McNeil
William McNutt
Henry McQueen
Ewing McRennolds / McReynolds
John McWilliams
Thomas McWilliams
Richard McWilson
Summos Mead
George Meaker
Daniel Meddaugh / Meddough
Simmons Meed
Augustus Meehan
George Meeker
Augustus Mehan
Charles Mench / Mensch
Samuel Merrill
Thomas Merrill
Lewis Meskimen
James Meskimens
Jared Metsker
James Metzer
John Middaugh / Middough
William Middaugh / Middough
Daniel Middough
John Millar
Charles Miller
David Miller
Francis Miller
John Miller
Samuel Miller
William Miller
George Mills
Leonard Mills
Noah Mills
Pierson Mills
Stephen Mills
Cyrus Miner
Pleasant Miner
Cyrus Minor
Pleasant Minor
John Minton
James Miskimen / Miskimens / Miskimins
…or Miskimmons / Miskimons
Joseph Miskimen / Miskimens / Miskimins
…or Miskimmons / Miskimons
Lewis Miskimen / Miskimens / Miskimins
…or Miskimmons / Miskimons
William Miskimen / Miskimens / Miskimins
…or Miskimmons / Miskimons
Charles Mitchell
Jackson Mitchell
Jerred Mitsker
Charles Mohrne
James Moody
William Mooney
Albert Moore
Daniel Moore
David Moore
John Moore
William Morden
George Morey
Carlos Morgan
George Morgan
Peter Moriarty
Henry Morris
Lewis Morrison
William Morrow
Webster Morse
Tunis Mosher / Moshier / Mosier
Howard Mosier
Alstin Mossman
Harrison Mossman
Silas Mott
William Mount
William Moxley
Alexander Munger
William Murphy
James Murray / Murrey / Murry
Emanuel Myers
William Myers


William Neal
George Nei
William Nelson
Morgan Nevell
Amos Niles
Alexander Noble
Frank Noble
Charles Norris
Alexander Norton
Thomas Nutt


George O'Brien
Patrick O'Driscoll
Samuel Oberlander
Robert Ocheltree / Ochiltree
Anderson Ogle
Samuel Olinger
John Oliver
Thomas Oliver
Samuel Ollinger
David Onstat / Onstott
Samuel Orr
Thomas Orr
William Orr
Joseph Osborn
Jacob Oswald / Oswold
Levi Overhaulser
Levi Overhidson
Levi Overhuilser
George Overturf
Jacob Overturff
Elisha Oviatt


John Page
William Paine
George Palmer
John Pangborn
Warren Parett / Parrett / Parrott
Nathaniel Parsons
Henry Passig
Calvin Pattee
Robert Patterson
Frederick Payne
William Payne
Henry Payton
John Payton
Richard Payton
Tillman Payton
William Peck
William Peneywitt
Benjamin Penn
William Penn
William Penniwitt
James Peregrine / Perrigrine
James Perham
William Peters
Henry Peyton
Tillman Peyton
Julius Phelps
Nathaniel Philbrick
Amos Phillips
Ross Phillips
Isaac Phipps
William Pickerill
Albert Pierce
Noah Pierson
Myron Pinkerton
William Pinkerton
Oscar Piper
Samuel Pitman
Henry Plager
Porter Pleasant
Charles Pleasants
Clarington Poines
Thomas Poor / Poore
Henry Pope
Noah Portar / Porter
Richard Porter
Peter Post
William Powell
Clarington Poynes
Daniel Pratt
Lewis Pratt
Miles Pratt
Morgan Pratt
Henry Prepka / Prepke
William Prescott
William Presho
Thomas Preston
Joseph Price
Nelson Pringle
John Priutz
Thomas Pucket
James Purham
Curtis Purington / Purinton
John Purse
Peter Putman / Putnam
Charles Putney
John Pyles


No Veterans in this Category


William Radican
David Radick
James Radman
Albert Ramey
Jacob Ratcliff
William Rattican
Charles Rawson
John Ray
Austin Rayborn / Rayburn
Jerry Rea
Charles Reed
Cyrus Reed
James Reed
Samuel Reed
Frederick Reinel
Edwin Reiner
James Rentfro
John Rey
James Reynold
Hayden Reynolds
James Rhinehart
John Rhinehart / Rhynehart
Jackson Rice
James Rice
Wells Rice
William Rice
John Richards
William Ridout
James Rinehart
John Rinehart
Nickolas Rinehart
John Rinehart Jr.
Alexander Ritter
Elijah Robberts
Walter Robbins
Edward Roberick
Elijah Roberts
Humphrey Roberts
William Robertson
Walter Robins
Moses Robinson
Thomas Robinson
Moses Robison
Thomas Robison
Edward Roderick
Hamilton Rodgers
Joseph Rodgers
Nicholas Rodgers
James Rodman
Alonzo Rogers
George Rogers
Joseph Rogers
Nicholas Rogers
James Roland
Asbury Romans
Henry Rose
Sheridan Rose
Charles Rosecranse
Samuel Rouse/Rowse
Marcus Rubla / Ruble / Rublee / Rubler
James Rumsey
John Rumsey
Charles Russell
John Russell
Michael Russell
Charles Ryan


Oliver Safford
Rufus Safford
Henry Salding
Samuel Sample
Ezekiel Sampson
Samuel Sampson
Stephen Sanderlen / Sanderlin / Sandterlin
John Savage
Alonzo Sawyer
Demarcus Sawyer
John Sawyer
William Sayer / Sayre
John Scheidecker / Scheideker
…or John Scheidicker / Schideker
John Schlusser
Isaac Schofield
John Schweartz / Schwirtz/ Schwartz
Isaac Scofield
Albert Scott
Henry Scott
James Scott
George Sellars
Uriah Selleck / Selleich / Sellick
George Sellers
William Setchefield / Setchfield / Setefield
John Severance
Charles Severence
Thomas Sexton
John Sha
John Shadicker
Lafayette Shaiol
Wesley Shanafelt
George Shanks
Wesley Shanofelt / Shansfelt
Thomas Sharkey
John Shaw
Milton Shaw
Lafayette Shawl
John Shay
John Shea
John Sheidecker
Henry Shelby
James Shelladay / Shellady / Shelledey / Shelledy
John Shelledy
Leroy Shelley
John Shepherd
James Sheron / Sherron
Thomas Shields
James Shillady
Michael Shindler
Alford Shipman / Shipmon
David Shirely / Shively
Samuel Shirely / Shiveley / Shively
Thomas Shockley / Shockly
William Shockley
Joseph Shollenbarger / Shollenbarger
Wesley Shonofelt
Lafayette Showl
John Shuffleron
William Shuler
Simon Shults / Shultz / Shutz
Seymour Shyrock
George Sipe
Jacob Sipe
George Sitler / Sittler / Sitton
Lional Slate
Ora Slate
James Smail
Charles Smith
Daniel Smith
Frank Smith
Fulton Smith
James Smith
John Smith
Martin Smith
Norman Smith
Oliver Smith
Stephen Smith
Walter Smith
Washington Smith
William C. Smith
William H. Smith
Finley Smock
John Smurr
James Sneezey
Henry Snider
John Snider
Benjamin Snyder
Henry Snyder
Andrew Soll
Jacob Sowash
James Spafford
Julius F./T. Spafford
Henry Spalding
John Sparks
Mathew Sparks
William Sparks
Henry Spaulding
Heta Speague
Reuben Sperry
George Spicer
James Spofford
Julius Spofford
Charles Sprague
Hela Sprague
Herman / Hemean Sprague
William Spurlin / Spurling
William Squier / Squire / Squires
Frederick Srong
James Stach
Sylvester Stalling / Stallings
Sylvester Stallings
Ashbury Stanfield
Leymen / Lyman Starkes / Starks
Benjamin Starry
Benjamin Starus
Rinehart Statesman
Benjamin Stearnes / Stearns
Frederick Steimer
Jacob Stem
Clark Stene
James Stephens
John Stephens
Oren Stephens
Frederick Stermer
Benjamin Sterns
William Sterts
George Stevens
James Stevens
Jonas Stevens
Oran Stevens
William Stevens
Elijah Steward
John Steward
Elijah Stewart
Isaac Stewart
John Stewart
William Stewart
Warren Stiles
John Still
Anson Stone
Clark Stone
Frederick Stone
Peter Stoner
John Stookey
William Storts
Charles Stout
John Stout
Samuel Strawn
John Stricklett
Abraham Strohm
William Stuart
John Stuckey
William Sturts
Rinehart Stutsman
Warren Styles
David Sullivan
Charles Summers
Rinehart Sutsman
Asbury Sutton
John Sutton
Samuel Sutton
William Sutton
Windsor Sutton
John Schwirtz / Schwartz / Sweartz
James Sweasey / Sweazy / Sweezey
William Switzer


John Tait
Edwin Taylor
James Taylor
Joshua Taylor
Lorenzo Taylor
William Taylor
Duncan Telir
John Teller
William Teppry
Newton Terel / Terrill
David Terrel / Terrill
Theadore Terrill
Duncan Teter
Charles Tevis
Harrison Thomas
Samuel Thomas
Marquis Thompson / Thomson
Martin Thompson / Thomson
Stewart Thompson
William Thompson
Milton Thurston
John Tiller
George Tindall / Tindell
William Tipery / Tippery
George Tipton
William Tisdale
Charles Tivis
John Tompkins
Byron Tower
John Towle
Thomas Tracey / Tracy
Asher Travis
John Troette / Trouette
Richard Truby / Truly
Freeland Tubbs
Salem Turner


James Umphenour


Arthur Van Horn
Jasper Van Horn
James Vanatta/Vannatta
Benjamin Vanhorn
John Vanhorn
Henry Vanmarel / Vanmarl
Charles Volen / Volin
John Volk
Harding Voss


Christopher Waggoner / Wagoner
John Waid
John Waitman
Clark Walber
Benjamin Walden
William Warell / Warrell
James Warren
Stephen Washburn
Samuel Wasson
William Waterhouse
Benjamin Watson
George F. Watson / Wattson
George N. Watson
Thomas Watts
Amos Waybill
Ephraim Weatherby
Jacob Weaver
James Webb
John Webb
Anton / Antonio / Antone Weinschenk / Weinshank
John Welch
Earle Welington / Wellington
Albert Welliver
Franklin Wells
John Welsh
Simon Wenscott
Charles Wescott
Riley Wescott
Francis West
Riley Westcot
Charles Westcott
Ephraim Wetherby
Jacob Wetz
Henry Whait
Richard Whait
Aldin Wheeler
George Wheeler
Nathan Wheeler
Carlos White
James White
John White
Omar Whitman
Edwin Whitney
John Whitney
John Whitten
Josiah Whitten
Philo Whitten
John Whitton
Philo Whitton
John Wicks
Adam Widel
Jasper Widger
Basil Wiggins
Deloss Williams
James Williams
Joseph Williams
Mahlon Williams
Samuel Williams
Westley Williams
William Williams
Thomas Williamson
Thomas Wills
Abel Wilson
Philo Wilson
Jessee Winchell
William Winchell
William Wing
Simon Winscott
William Winslow
Jacob Wirich
Elijah Wise
Philo Witton
James Wolf
Philip Wood
Simeon Wood
William Woodard
Wesley Woodmansee
Eugene Woodruff
Nehimiah Woodruff
James Woods
Samuel Woods
James Woodson
William Woodward
George Work
William Worthington
Frank Wortring
Frank Wotring
Abel Wright
Marion Wright
Richard Wright


No Veterans in this Category


Benjamin Yates
George Young
Thomas Young


Hilburn Zeitler/Zeittler/Zittler
William Zeitler/Zeittler/Zettler/Zittler
Clements Zingsheim

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