The Noble Name of "Stroud"
Surname with a Proud Heritage

Certainly the surname "Stroud" is not the most common name to be encountered. And this is quite appropriate, since there is nothing at all common about the men and women who have made this name so proud. If you are a Stroud (descended from a member of this esteemed family, whether or not your bear the name today), we hope this modest site will aid you in exploring "our" family tree.

The actual meaning of the name Stroud, at least in sofaras its British origins are concerned, is very modest. Stroud as a surname was derived from the land near which its first bearers dwelt. Nothing so majestic as craggy mountain peaks nor lovely as gently rolling hills. No, Strouds are people of modest roots who have risen far beyond their origin. "Stroud" refers to "marshland which has been overgrown with brushwood."

From such stock have come farmers, artisans, physicians, soldiers, and clergy. And today's Strouds continue to build an even richer family tradition upon the sturdy legacy we have inherited.

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