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95 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.
Feature Name St County Name Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Stroud AL Chambers pop place 330317N 0851951W Five Points
Stroud Cemetery AL Lee cemetery 323301N 0850952W Bleecker
Stroud Creek AL Chambers stream 330002N 0851225W Abbottsford
Strouds Cross Road AL Lee locale 323300N 0850954W Bleecker
Stroud Cemetery AR Calhoun cemetery 334558N 0922623W Fordyce
Stroud Cemetery AR Clark cemetery 340602N 0931409W Hollywood
Stroud Cemetery AR Sebastian cemetery 351112N 0941845W Greenwood
Stroud Creek AR Clark stream 340618N 0931434W Hollywood
Stroud Cemetery FL Madison cemetery 302003N 0831345W Falmouth
Stroud Creek FL Lee stream 264214N 0814818W Fort Myers
Stroud Memorial Church School FL Leon school 302828N 0841946W Tallahassee
Strouds Creek FL Marion stream 291700N 0815612W Fort McCoy
Strouds Landing FL Marion locale 291559N 0815725W Fort McCoy
Stroud Creek GA Towns stream 345353N 0833956W Macedonia
Stroud Mountain GA Rabun summit 345112N 0832301W Tiger
Stroud School GA Oconee school 335052N 0832436W Watkinsville
Strouds GA Monroe pop place 325513N 0840358W Strouds
Strouds Creek GA Newton stream 333823N 0834643W Jersey
Stroudsville School (historical) GA Lamar school 330426N 0841202W Barnesville
Stroud Creek ID Lemhi stream 444120N 1133117W Stroud Creek
Stroud Gulch ID Lemhi valley 444322N 1132436W West of Leadore
Stroud Cemetery IL Williamson cemetery 374559N 0885746W Johnston City
Stroud Cemetery IN Vanderburgh cemetery 375003N 0873844W Wilson
Stroud KY Muhlenberg pop place 372432N 0870909W Livermore
Stroud Bridge KY McLean bridge 372747N 0871216W Livermore
Stroud Branch LA Grant stream 314050N 0924625W Verda
Stroud Bridge Oil Field LA Bossier oilfield 325437N 0932850W Cullen
Stroud School LA Vermilion school 300017N 0921646W Kaplan North
Stroudwater ME Cumberland pop place 433922N 0701855W Portland West
Stroudwater River ME Cumberland stream 433922N 0701832W Portland West
Stroud Cemetery MS Clarke cemetery 315740N 0882956W Melvin
Stroud Line School (historical) MS Clarke school 315600N 0882905W Melvin
Stroud Creek MT Big Horn stream 451051N 1062936W Stroud Creek
Stroud Dam MT Garfield dam 471100N 1074254W Searl Coulee
Stroud Reservoir MT Garfield reservoir 471054N 1074251W Searl Coulee
Stroud Pond NC Lenoir reservoir 350527N 0774459W Pink Hill
Strouds Bay NC Columbus bay 340848N 0784907W Tabor City East
Strouds Creek NC Orange stream 360506N 0790345W Hillsborough
Strouds Store site NC Davie locale 355225N 0803902W Cool Springs
Stroud NM Quay locale 353813N 1030643W Doyle Hill
Stroud Lake NM Catron lake 335942N 1085251W Underwood Lake
Stroud Mine NV Humboldt mine 410259N 1183145W Red Butte
Stroud Park OH Cuyahoga park 412257N 0814524W Lakewood
Stroud Run State Park OH Athens park 392057N 0820157W Athens
Stroud School OH Cuyahoga school 412251N 0814521W Lakewood
Strouds Run OH Athens stream 391955N 0820107W Athens
Strouds Run Church OH Athens church 392120N 0820207W Athens
Strouds Run Dam OH Athens dam 392012N 0820106W Athens
Stroud OK Lincoln pop place 354455N 0963928W Stroud South
Stroud Interchange OK Lincoln crossing 354523N 0964002W Stroud North
Stroud Lake OK Creek reservoir 354744N 0963603W Depew
Stroud Municipal Airport OK Lincoln airport 354715N 0963931W Stroud North
Stroud Reservoir OK Creek reservoir 354748N 0963100W Depew
Stroud Sewage Lagoon OK Lincoln reservoir 354530N 0963842W Stroud North
Stroud Sewage Lagoon Dam OK Lincoln dam 354530N 0963842W Stroud North
Stroud Springs OR Hood River spring 452537N 1212928W Fivemile Butte
Stroud Dam PA Monroe dam 410006N 0751418W East Stroudsburg
Stroud Mall PA Monroe locale 405920N 0751321W Stroudsburg
Stroud, Township of PA Monroe civil 405800N 0750729W Portland
Stroudsburg PA Monroe pop place 405912N 0751142W Stroudsburg
Stroudsburg High School PA Monroe school 405902N 0751217W Stroudsburg
Stroudsburg Middle School PA Monroe school 410004N 0751417W East Stroudsburg
Stroudsburg, Borough of PA Monroe civil 405946N 0751148W Stroudsburg
Stroudsburg-Pocono Airpark PA Monroe airport 410211N 0750939W East Stroudsburg
Stroud Cemetery SC Chester cemetery 343809N 0805516W Fort Lawn
Stroud Cemetery SC Horry cemetery 341038N 0790733W Nichols
Stroud Cemetery SC Kershaw cemetery 343404N 0802814W Mount Pisgah
Stroud Pond SC Horry reservoir 341036N 0790748W Nichols
Stroud Pond Dam D-3612 SC Horry dam 341036N 0790748W Nichols
Strouds Branch SC Laurens stream 343631N 0815702W Ora
Strouds Mill (historical) SC Horry locale 341040N 0790721W Duford
Stroud School (historical) SD Buffalo school 435750N 0990845W Shelby
Stroud Cemetery TN Robertson cemetery 363220N 0870637W Adams
Stroud Cemetery TN Warren cemetery 353516N 0855348W Morrison
Stroud Hollow TN Lewis valley 353657N 0873559W Hohenwald
Stroudville TN Robertson pop place 362857N 0870625W Pleasant View
Stroud Branch TX Houston stream 312912N 0952648W Grapeland
Stroud Mountain TX Hamilton summit 314557N 0975309W Fairy
Stroud Ranch TX Brewster locale 302906N 1032428W Bissett Mountain
Strouds Creek TX Hood stream 322852N 0974816W Granbury
Strouds Creek Cemetery TX Hood cemetery 322535N 0975556W Tolar
Strouds Creek VA Montgomery stream 370523N 0803445W Radford South
Stroud Cemetery WV Lincoln cemetery 375652N 0821753W Wilsondale
Stroud Cemetery WV Wayne cemetery 375811N 0822008W Wilsondale
Strouds WV Webster pop place 382316N 0803700W Cowen
Strouds Creek WV Nicholas stream 382130N 0803636W Camden On Gauley
Strouds Knobs WV Nicholas ridge 382204N 0803840W Craigsville
Strouds Post Office (historical) WV Webster post office UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cowen
Stroud Glacier WY Sublette glacier 430850N 1094043W Gannett Peak
Stroud Peak WY Sublette summit 430854N 1094200W Gannett Peak
Strouds WY Natrona pop place 425118N 1061427W Brookhurst

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