The Stroud Crest and Coats of Arms

The subject of heraldry and family coats of arms is a fascinating one. Many American families of European descent bear a name to which a formal Coat of Arms had been awarded at some point in history. However, unless a direct line of descent exists, a person is not "officially" authorized to bear the heraldic device. Those fortunate enough to be able to verify their lineage in such a fashion may publicly use such these coats of arms in appropriate situations. Most of us, however, are unable to trace our roots back to the individual(s) to whom these symbols of honor were granted.

Yet, in America each individual who desires is free to devise their own coat of arms. There is even an organization which will (for a fee) assist the proper design of such devices, according to time-honored heraldic rules and guidelines. They can also formally "register" your familial coat of arms.

For the benefit of those who are interested in some of the heraldic images awarded to the Stroud family in generations past, we offer the two versions below. If you are aware of any other images of Stroud Coats of Arms, we would be pleased to add them to this page.

Stroud Coats of Arms

Coat of Arms (Stroud: a Colonial Family)
Coat of Arms (Halbert)

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