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The initial military strategy during the War Between the States, especially as employed by Union generals, was to rely on cavalry primarily for the protection of an army's flanks and as couriers. By the close of the war, the more intelligent commanders had grown to recognize the profound martial value of cavalry. During much of its life, the Fifth Iowa Cavalry was assigned to the protection of communication and rail lines. Nevertheless, the men of the regiment received more than their share of opportunities to excel on the battlefield. The following links describe some of the battles in which they played a role.

Complete List of Military Engagements
List of Engagements with Casualty Statistics
Springfield, Missouri - October 1861
Paris, Tennessee - March 1862
Corinth, Mississippi - April to May 1862
Cumberland Iron Works, Tennessee - August 1862
Garrettsburg, Kentucky - November 1862
Dover, Tennessee - February 1863
Wartrace, Tennessee - October 1863
Atlanta, Georgia - July 1864
Lovejoy's Station, Georgia - August 1864
Jonesborough, Georgia - August to September 1864
Columbia, Tennessee - November 1864
Spring Hill, Tennessee - November 1864
Franklin, Tennessee - November 1864
Nashville, Tennessee - December 1864
Montevallo, Alabama - March 1865
Ebenezer Church, Alabama - April 1865
Selma, Alabama - April 1865

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