Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Ebenezer Church

Other Names: None

Location: Ebenezer Church, Alabama

Campaign: Wilson's Cavalry Raid

Date: 1 April 1865

Principal Commanders: Lt.Col. Frank White [US]

Forces Engaged: 72nd Indiana Mounted Infantry, 5th Iowa Cavalry companies, 17th Indiana Mounted Infantry [US]

Estimated Casualties: 17 [US]; unknown [CS]

Description: After breaking camp at Montevallo, the division moved out on the main Selma road and first encountered the enemy near Randolph. The 72nd Indiana Mounted Infantry was in the lead and four companies followed the enemy closely until they reached Ebenezer Church on Bogler's creek, near Maplesville. There a larger force was located. The other companies of the 72nd were brought forward, dismounted, and the whole regiment soon broke the enemy's lines. The 17th Indiana Mounted Infantry, under Lieut.Col. Frank White, then charged, following the fleeing Confederates over a mile, where they came up with a battery of artillery which had been firing on them as they advanced. A second line of battle was here encountered and the Indiana men were forced to turn to their left and cut their way out. The charge resulted in the loss of 17 men killed or captured.

Result(s): Union Victory

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