Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry


Other Names: None

Location: Montevallo, Alabama

Campaign: Wilson's Cavalry Raid

Date: 30-31 March 1865

Principal Commanders: Gen. Wilson [US]

Forces Engaged: 4th Cavalry Division, Army of the Mississippi [US]

Estimated Casualties: Minimal

Description: During Wilson's raid two companies of the 4th Iowa Cavalry skirmished with the enemy for several miles before entering the village of Montevallo, but the only casualty reported was one man slightly wounded. The next morning Wilson encountered the enemy at Six Mile Creek, a short distance south of Montevallo, where his advance was suddenly atacked on the flank by a considerable force of Confederate cavalry. The attack was quickly repulsed by the 10th Missouri, and the 3rd Iowa charged in turn, driving back the enemy and cutting off a portion of the command that had become separated from the main body, capturing several prisoners. No report of killed and wounded.

Result(s): Union Victory (advance not impeded)

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