Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry


Other Names: None

Location: Garrettsburg, Kentucky

Campaign: Driving of Confederate forces from Kentucky

Date: November 6, 1862

Principal Commanders: Brig.Gen. Ransom [US]; Col. Woodward [CS]

Forces Engaged: Elements of 5th Iowa Cavalry [US]

Estimated Casualties: 10 [US]; 56 [CS]

Description: Brig.Gen. T.A. Davies in his report to Maj.Gen. U.S. Grant states: "The expedition commanded by Brig.Gen. Ransom has proved a great success. It came up with Col. Woodward's rebel force, 800 strong, near Garrettsburg; had a short engagement; killed 16 of his men, among them one captain and one lieutenant; wounded 40, including one captain and 2 lieutenants, took 25 prisoners, all their horses and 50 mules, and a large number of arms and equipments, half the camps of Col. Woodward's men, including his own, routing the whole concern, and driving them out of the State of Kentucky. Our loss, 3 killed and 7 wounded."

Result(s): Union Victory

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