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Ode Seven

As one experiences anger over wickedness,
even so one arrives at joy
through the Beloved who offers fruits unlimited.
My joy is the Lord Himself and my calling is toward Him,
this path that I travel is excellent.
For I have a Helper in my journey,
who is none other than the Lord.
He has generously revealed Himself to me in His simplicity;
His immeasurable love has humbled His greatness.
He became like me, so that I might receive Him;
in form He became like me, so that I might be clothed in Him.
And I did not tremble in fear when I beheld Him,
because He was gracious to me.
He assumed my very nature, that I might understand Him;
familiar in form, so that I might not turn away from Him.
The Father of knowledge,
is the Word of knowledge.
He who created wisdom itself,
is infinitely wiser than His works.
And He who created me when I was as yet unformed,
knew what I would do before He gave me life.
For this he has loved me in His abundant grace,
and allowed me to make requests of Him,
and receive the rich benefits of His sacrifice.
For it is the Lord who is incorruptible;
He is the fullness of the ages, and the Father of eternity.
He has revealed Himself to those who are His own;
that they might recognize their Creator,
and not view life as mere accident.
For toward knowledge He has set His way,
expanding, lengthening, and bringing it to perfection.
He has revealed the way by virtue of his own radiance,
which proceeds from the beginning to the end.
For, by Him the Father was served,
and the Father was pleased by the Son.
By virtue of His saving work He will inherit all things,
and the Most High will be known by His holy ones:
Announcing to all with songs of the Lord's coming,
that they may go forth to meet Him
with joy and with a melodious harp.
The prophets will go before Him,
and they will be seen preceding Him.
They will glorify the Lord for His boundless love,
because He is ever near, and watching over us.
Hatred will be swept from the face of the earth,
along with jealousy it will be drowned in the waters.
For ignorance of God has been undone,
because the knowledge of the Lord has dawned.
Let the people sing of the grace of the Lord Most High,
let them give voice to their songs.
Let their hearts be filled with the light of day,
let their gentle voices resemble the majestic beauty of the Lord.
Let there not be any person lacking the knowledge to comprehend,
or without the voice to lift their praise.
For God has given a mouth to His creation,
so that with all voices He might be praised.
Confess His matchless power,
and declare His abundant grace.

1998-2001 by the Odist

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