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Ode Six

As the wind sweeps through the harp,
and its strings speak,
So the Spirit of the Lord speaks through me,
and I speak words inspired by His love.
For He destroys whatever is foreign,
and all that remains is of the Lord.
Thus it has been from the beginning,
and will be until the end of time.
So that nothing will be His adversary,
and nothing will rise up against our Lord.
The Lord has spread the knowledge of Himself;
He desires to reveal to all people His grace.
He has freed our lips to adore His Name,
and our mortal spirits praise His Holy Spirit.
There flowed forth a stream which became a broad river,
it swept everything before it, flowing toward the Temple.
None were able to restrain its powerful currents,
not even those trained in such arts.
For it spread across the surface of all the earth,
and its waters covered everything.
All those who were thirsty were allowed to drink of it,
and their thirst was relieved and quenched.
For from the Most High,
the water was given.
Blessed, therefore, are the ministers of that drink,
those who have been entrusted with His precious water.
They have refreshed parched lips,
and restored to health crippled spirits.
Even the lives of those about to die,
have been snatched back from the brink of death.
And limbs which had been broken,
have been healed and restored.
They provided strength where there was only weakness,
and light for dimming eyes.
Because everyone has recognized them as the Lord's,
and they have dwelt beside the living water forever.

1998-2001 by the Odist

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