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Ode Four

No man can change Your holy place, O my God,
nor has anyone the power to move it to another place
. Your sanctuary was designed before you made any other place,
so that which is the elder should not be altered
by that which is younger than itself.
You have given Your heart, O Lord, to those who believe in You;
never will You fail, or lack Your abundant fruits.
One hour of life in Your faith,
is far more precious than an eternity without it.
Who shall put on your grace,
and fear being rejected?
Your seal is well known,
and all Your creation recognizes it.
Your entire host is marked by Your sign,
and even the elect archangels are clothed with it.
You have restored to us Your holy fellowship,
not because You were in need of us,
but because we are ever in need of You.
Sprinkle upon us Your life-giving dews,
and open to us your flowing fountains of milk and honey.
You regret none of Your numerous promises,
for You saw their merciful results even before you spoke them.
What You have given, you have offered freely;
never shall you draw away from us and forget Your promises.
For all has been to You as God,
and ordered from the beginning according to Your will.
And You, O Lord, have created all things.

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