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Ode Five

I praise You, O Lord,
because I love You.
O Most High, do not forsake me,
for You alone are my hope.
Freely have I received Your grace,
and daily I shall live in it.
My persecutors shall inevitably come,
but do not allow them to find me.
Let a cloud of darkness fall over their eyes,
and let a haze of thick gloom obscure their sight.
Let them be without any light to see,
so that they may not seize me.
Let their plans become impotent;
return upon their own heads
what they have conspired against others.
They devised a plan, but it did not succeed;
they prepared to do evil, but were rendered powerless.
Indeed, my hope is anchored in the Lord;
therefore I will never fear.
The Lord abides upon my head like a crown;
therefore I will remain steadfast.
Even if the entire world should be shaken,
I will stand firm.
Although all creation should perish,
I shall not die.
Because the Lord abides with me,
and I abide with Him.

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