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Welcome to Stroud's Civil War Emporium. Here we have gathered for your interest and educational benefit a number of interesting items about the War Between the States.

Our personal connection to this most pivotal period in American (and world) history began with the discovery that we counted as our ancestors veterans of two distinguished Union regiments, the Fifth Iowa Cavalry and the Fifth Iowa Infantry. As we have compiled web sites devoted to these regiments, we have come across a number of other fascinating items of a rather more "miscellaneous" nature. Rather than dismiss them to files, never to be enjoyed by others, we have chosen to develop this site. What, one may wonder, do these materials hold in common? Nothing more than the fact that they all relate, in some fashion, to the war which many Southerners still regard as the "War of Northern Aggression."

Our Emporium invites your perusal. If you have a unique piece of Civil War history which you would like to share with others through our site, drop us a line. In the meantime, enjoy.


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